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MRAs are mainly pissed because feminists are too busy loving themselves for once, instead of worshiping men.






Right, because making up myths about rape, the wage gap, some fabled patriarchy, ignoring mens’ issues, and blaming men for everything bad ranging from oppression to first world problems have nothing to do with it, amirite?

Men aren’t angry about your egos, ladies. Which is kind of ironic considering your egos are what gave you this ridiculous notion to begin with. 

I’m a woman who’s pissed at feminism because you ladies are too busy “loving yourselves” to pay attention to reality and be all around decent people. Get your heads out of your assess.

I’m curious how you can be so pissed at feminism when this post is such a remarkable display of how little you actually understand it.

If feminism’s not your thing, that’s cool, but these are supremely harsh accusations that can literally only be attributed to willful ignorance. 

Judging by your URL, you probably think the hatred of approximately 3.5 billion people is a joke. 

I’m personally pissed at western feminism because every time I hear “kill all men” and “men’s rights are a joke,” I think of my brother, my father, my boyfriend and my best friend and remember that they can still be legally drafted. They are 20 times more likely to die at work. They are more likely to be victims of violence. It’s still legal to mutilate the genitals of baby boys. 

Now tell me, why is it we need a gender-specific movement in modern western society for the less oppressed gender? What oppression are women in the west facing? When convicted of a crime, we get lighter punishments. We don’t get any punishment for falsely accusing somebody of rape. We don’t get genital mutilation, we have equal job opportunities, we don’t even make up 1/4th of the homeless population, and we have vastly better reproductive rights, and are favored over men in child custody battles. 

Feminism was relevant when women were actually oppressed in our society. Back when women didn’t have the right to vote, run for office, could barely get any work, or do much more than get married and have children. But things aren’t like that anymore. The only “problems” I’m finding are difficulties getting sterilized, and conspiracy theories about some “patriarchy” and how issues that actually infringe on the rights of men are somehow caused by the myth that “women are weaker”. 

The wage gap is a myth.

The rape statistics you see repeated throughout feminist groups are a myth.
The Mens’ Domestic Violence shelter that was shut down thanks to the feminist movement:

So please, tell me about how I’m willfully ignorant. And next time, be specific. If I’m wrong, use sources. Tell me how MRAs only hate that feminists “love themselves” and how they DIDN’T shut down mens abuse shelters, and deny them the rights to see their own children.

But in the meantime, if you continue to think that:

MRAs are mainly pissed because feminists are too busy loving themselves for once, instead of worshiping men.

Then I’m curious how you can be so pissed at the Mens’ Rights Movement when this statement is such a remarkable display of how little you actually understand it.

If Mens’ Rights are not your thing, that’s cool, but these are supremely harsh accusations that can literally only be attributed to willful ignorance. 

Good day.

Of all the things I know about the Men’s Rights Movement, the best thing by far is the fact that MRAs are officially listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which, to its credit, is a very impressive achievement and worthwhile contribution to society.

Then you don’t know much about the movement. Here’s a list of things that the MRM has fought for:
-Men are 99.99% of combat deaths.
-97% of the combat deaths since the Gulf War were men.
-Men are required by law to register for selective service and women are not. A draft may not have happened since the Vietnam War, but it can still legally happen again.
-Men are 76% of homicide victims.
-Men are 80% of suicide victims. (The 11th cause of death in the United States.)
-Male rape victims are rarely taken seriously by society. Prison rape is an issue that isn’t being dealt with. And before you say that those men are criminals who deserve it:
-There is blatant anti-male discrimination in the criminal justice system and the sentencing disparity between men and women exceeds that between whites and any other minority.Average sentences for crime by gender:
Female – 18.51 months
Male – 51.52 months
-Men are half of the victims of domestic violence but get no state funded shelters. One of the male domestic violence shelters was shut down because of feminist protests, and the founder, a male victim of domestic violence, committed suicide.


Is it any wonder that the MRAs are pissed off? In this so-called patriarchal society, they are dying. Men are dropping like flies. Having pieces of their infant dicks cut off. They are the majority of the homeless. They get little to no help if they are raped or abused. They lose the rights to their children for no good reason at all. Are you really so egocentric that you think this is about women not worshiping men? Or even about women at all? 

Now let me ask you something a bit more personal. Why is it that you can accuse one group of being hateful, and agree with Southern Poverty Law Center, when you yourself label yourself with a word that has hate in it’s definition, Ms. Misandrist? Do you think the hatred of men is funny? Do you think it’s non existent or a joke? 
Let me tell you something. My mother abused my younger brother when he was younger than five years old simply because he was a boy. Do you think that’s funny? Do you think that was justified? A two year old child being thrown against the wall? Being beaten to the point he was covered in bruises when he was five? Do you think he deserved it because he had a penis? Or do you think that my boyfriend or brothers deserve to be drafted one day into a war that they don’t believe in? Don’t you have any male family members? Do you want to see them get killed at work? Paying child support to their rapist’s kid?

Misandry is real and it’s hurting people. Men have their rights infringed on daily by either feminists or the general populace. Women in our society aren’t equal in the sense that we are considered to be more important and higher class citizens then men, not in the idea that we are oppressed. And for some reason, anybody who speaks out about these injustices are automatically labeled misogynists. A “hate group”. 

One final question: How does knowing all of these facts and speaking out against a false generalization you had on your page make me the ignorant one?

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