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Anonymous asked:

I am a black i feel like the things you post on your page, your little social justice blog is just wrong. you have it all wrong, all of you social justice blogs. hate makes more hate and racism makes more racism. I was a young black male and with a black single mother and i came out of a urban neighborhood on my own without blaming white people and i made it to college without my black father. Yes racism is bad, but white ppl experience it too, black ppl can get over it.








I’m curious if some white folks have meetings brainstorming on how to sound like a PoC, lmao. Seriously? “I am a black”…”I was a young black male"…urban? and you had to constantly mention that your parents were Black? you put mad thought in this trying to make it sound "authentic". huh?

Lmfao!! Dang, white people for real be trying to pretend to be black on anon. This is ridic.


"I was a young black male and with a black single mother and i came out of a urban neighborhood on my own without blaming white people and i made it to college without my black father."

LMAO!! Gotta make sure to mention the single mother and lack of a black father to sound authentic, huh? smh 

white people on anon are getting more and more funny. what’s going on? something in the water? when is a white anon going to send me a funny ask box message? i’m jealous everybody else is getting em. 

Y’all I am dying. My chest hurt this was the funniest thing I saw all week.

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    you’re acting as if this is a personal attack on you and it’s not and you’re acting as if you treating everyone the same...
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    Everyone can work together, it’s called solidarity and standing with people of color to fight against systemic racism is...
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    i feel so much secondhand shame when i see shit like this.
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    He was a young black male
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    Lmfaoooooooo STOP
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