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kingjoffreylannister asked:

Alright I have a feminist dilemma. Is the way popular women musicians dress in their music videos degrading or empowering? On one hand I feel they encourage the sexual objectification of women (how many men do you see dressed like that) but on the other hand at what point are they simply taking control of their own sexuality. What about lady gaga, she's a fashion icon right? Is she not then empowering? Nicki minaj, beyonce, Rihanna? How am I supposed to feel about these videos??! Thankyou!

The problem isn’t so much how they’re dressing, but the expectation of women to dress a certain way and be appealing to straight cismen. The problem is the system.

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  4. silvers-shadows said: Another way to look at it - does the artist have the agency to say “No, I don’t want to do this video in my underwear” and not face repercussions? Is the artist involved in the process or just expected to show up, dress up and shut up except to sing?
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