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cats-and-dogs-and-things asked:

Ironic that you use the "power + prejudice" model, considering women have the most voting power (11% more women vote than men) and have had it since the 1964 election. Women control 80% of household spending, 51.3% of private wealth and make 67% of household investment decisions. Women make up the majority of college graduates (by 25%). Women control the votes, the money, and the education system. So, using your logic, this means men can't be sexist, only women can.

Power doesn’t mean numbers, dipshit.

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    "power doesn’t mean numbers" i’m pretty sure that everything power-related is measured in numbers force, electricity,...
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    Darling, these aren’t just arbitrary numbers. They are statistics. I know it’s hard for your poor little feminine mind...
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    You don’t know how logic works, do you? These are two entirely different logical assumptions. I know it just “feels” so...
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    I have power over household spending because the man in my house is too fucking lazy to buy anything and then whines...
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    That’s true. Choosing where to spend money is a big deal. If you’re concerned about how the choices regarding where...
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    Yeah who cares about the economy, doritos lolChoosing where to spend money is a pretty big deal, power wise.
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    if numbers meant power then there’d be 5,000 kings and 1,400 peasants in a kingdom but that doesn’t sound real typical...
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    With this logic as soon as minorities become.e 51% in America all the white people will turn over their land and...
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