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I will start a defamatory blog on every girl who rejects me

A girl I went on a date with yesterday just blocked me on Facebook without any explanation whatsoever. She never sent me a single message after we have seen each other but I predicted this would happen once I saw her disgusted face at the end of a date yesterday.

After my 20th rejection just this year I am instituting a new policy – a girl rejects me, I start a defamatory blog on her. These girls won’t know my real name so they’ll have to pay thousands of dollars to even establish who I am. Since I can’t afford to have criteria this will apply to absolutely any woman who rejects me. I’m starting with this girl.

I’ll let you know how the implementation goes. I have had enough rejections this year. 20 is more than enough. Now it is payback time.

Liberal monsters, known for confusing cause and effect to try and explain their lunacy, will say that this is the cause of women not wanting me. But it isn’t. I didn’t want to do this until now. This is an effect of female cruelty and sickness.

If you think I’m being unreasonable I’m imploring you to have no criteria at all and still be rejected over 50 times in your life, just 20 this year. It is painful. I have nowhere to “go on” to at all.

This guy is a lunatic, sociopath and all around fucking dangerous. His blog is filled with the most hateful and misogynistic things I have ever read in my entire life. He needs to be fucking locked away for the safety of women everywhere and I am not fucking kidding.

He believes he is “incel” which is basically a bullshit term for a bullshit problem. Involuntary celibacy. He believes hundreds of men DIE every year because of “incel” and believes the government should set up a DATING SERVICE for “incel” men.

Here are some more choice quotes from his blog:

  • A growing number of incels won’t be helped by my program for one basic reason- almost everybody in the modern culture is scum.
  • My blog will now be about incel, love-shyness, anti-feminism, modern culture (which is an evil and psychopathic one)
  • While it is true that I don’t hate all women (I hate evil people of both genders) I am not just frustrated by women who don’t have any desire to have sex with me. I am frustrated by my general inexperience and inability to find a partner for a romantic relationship.
  • Feminist have made those poorly though out attacks misconstruing my position exactly because they are vile people.
  • One of the greatest lies told by The Atheist Cult, a group the most vile and stupid human beings, if we could even call them that, on the planet is a lie that therapy is a solution to almost any emotional problem. Rarely is this lie more dangerous than when it comes to incel and love-shyness. These monsters, who see psychiatrists as gods instead of charlatans they are


This man needs to be locked away. His blogs needs to be taken down. Please help spread this post and see who we can contact about it. We can’t continue to let his disgusting attitude pollute peoples minds,

His blog:

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There are no words to describe the utter disgust I have for this piece of shit

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