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When I asked male interview subjects what they would like to do in bed, “ejaculation on a woman’s face” was most often at the top of their lists. But when I asked them what the attraction of this act was and whether it meant anything, their initial response was puzzlement. They had never given it much thought. With time for reflection, however, most came up with answers very similar to those of the pornographers I interviewed: it is about controlling women, doing something disgusting to them. It’s like spitting or urinating on them.

Thus something unsettling about gender relationships mediated by pornography is revealed: on-screen male domination is sugar-coated — portrayed as causing women ecstasy — which in turn arouses further desire on the part of the male viewers: the desire to experience the pleasure derived from control and aggression. And deep down, these viewers understand it. “The second you have an orgasm and that passion sinks out of your body, and you’re still watching the movie, you start to really see what’s going on,” one male college student said. “This is not sexy. This is not sex. This is not how I want to experience sex.”

Chyng Sun, co-director of The Price of Pleasure (via radicalfeministuprising)

Germaine Greer: “Women have no idea how much men hate them.

(via the-uncensored-she)

Never have and never will allow this to happen to me.

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As much as I agree with the basic premise as far as why this is included in porn, the tone of this whole post (article + comment) honestly feels shaming towards those of us (women) who actually enjoy this. Like, I’m actually forcing myself to post this despite the fact that right now I feel actively ashamed to admit that I enjoy it when a guy comes on me. (via porcupine-girl)

This isn’t about you, or what you like.

It’s about what this act represents to the men who consume this kind of porn, and what that says about our patriarchal, pornified culture.

(via radicalfeministuprising)

Women have no idea how much men hate them.… but I also believe some men have no idea how much they hate women either. And that’s what’s scary to me.

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