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Many would see this and argue that these women are doing this [pornography] “by choice” and they’re “enjoying it.” To some extent, that’s probably true. But, that argument misses the point. Consider what shapes those choices: an environment that sees women as sex objects and resources for male enjoyment. Women are under immense pressure to perform the gender roles they have been assigned. Under patriarchy, women are socialized to be servants to men. Women are groomed as little girls, taught that providing sex and pleasure for men is both expected and required of them. Women are given so few opportunities in this world to achieve and succeed based on their skills, knowledge, and other dignifying qualities, sex work is one of the only options available to them. It’s an option that’s not even on the table for men. Pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation, by the way, tend to target especially vulnerable women, like those from low income backgrounds or abusive families, those with little occupational or educational opportunities, and those who are suffering from addictions. Pornography hurts all women, but it particularly hurts at-risk women.

Corey Lee Wrenn for Vegan Feminist Network.

This is the most compelling anti-porn argument I have come across so far.

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