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hisgracekingstannisibaratheon asked:

First of all, and most importantly, regardless of anything you've ever said or done, there is absolutely no excuse for you being threatened with rape or violence otherwise. If I were in charge, people who say & write stuff like that would disappear at an alarming rate. My question: Don't you think there's something to be said for diplomacy? By shouting & cursing at the people you're trying to convince, you're taking the person's focus away from your ideas and making them get defensive.

Why don’t you tell that to Anita Sarkeesian? Also, I’m not gonna give them what they want. They want a docile, compliant, polite little girl. Well too fucking bad. They’re teh menz, they should be able to handle some swear words. 

I don’t have to be fucking diplomatic, I don’t owe people shit. If I’m at a protest and I’m fucking angry (because people were fucking interrupting me) then I’m not gonna cater to their fucking fragile little male egos so they can be more comfortable. Everywhere in the god damn world is a comfort zone for cis men. Especially white cis men. The world is their oyster and we just have to deal with the scraps. But yet when we decide to make headway for ourselves, these fuckers come along whining that people are “taking their rights away”. Which is bullshit. They have rights. They’ve always had rights. They control the vast majority of our media, of our politics, of the companies we work for. And now they want to claim oppression as their own too? No. Fuck that. They have enough of the world.

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