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Squirtle: [TW] Canadian feminist activist receives rape threats, death threats and other abuse after being targeted by Men’s...






( - And so the MRAs have found yet another woman to hate.

Earlier this month, as many of you no doubt know, a Men’s Rights group sponsored a lecture at the University of Toronto. The event…

oh noes poor widdle pwincess got doxxed, guise women are people not delicate widdle flowers but omg dis poor widdle pwincess got DOXXED wont you save her from dem eeeevil MRAs? lol that is what you people supporting that crazy bitch sound like. Maybe if she hadn’t been screaming like a raving fucking lunatic and didn’t pull a fucking fire alarm because “omg da evil menz are talking about menz issues only feminists are allowed to do that”, maybe, people wouldn’t have insulted her and doxxed her so fucking much. I don’t condone the behaviour of either side. I am neither MRA nor feminist. Both have their good points and both need to shut the fuck up and stop fucking bickering like children sometimes. When you make an ass of yourself IN PUBLIC as she did, people are going to dox you. Instead of crying about eevil MRAs and OMG WARREN FARRELL SUPPORTS INCEST WITH KIDS EVEN THOUGH HE ACTUALLY DOESN’T AND I WAS TOO LAZY TO FIND THE ORIGINAL INTERVIEW, shut up and let them speak, wait until they are done then ask questions, discuss. MRAs offline are a little different to how you see them on reddit. Yes they’re douchebags on reddit, but so are most people. Men do have legitimate issues, let them speak about it, feel free to add your 5 cents when they finish what they want to say and discuss it without screaming at each other. 

FUCK YOU crazyfibrolady. FUCK. YOU. They doxed me, which then allowed them to THREATEN ME. They sent me stalking threats, rape threats, and death threats, on facebook, on tumblr, on youtube etc. One of these death threats included my FUCKING ADDRESS YOU MOTHER FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. So fuck you, for implying I’m “whining”. Let someone dox your sorry ass and then you can come talk to me.

Also. I didn’t pull the fucking fire alarm, but to borrow words you just used, you were ‘TOO LAZY’ to even find the fucking proof of that. You want proof? Go look at the Amazing Atheist video, where it shows me in the hall as the fire alarm is pulled. I’m leaning up against the lockers or whatever the fuck they were, one hand up holding the edge. 

Do you really think that my TONE is enough justification for this type of behaviour? If so, you’re clearly a piece of shit and possibly an MRA even though you say you’re neither. 

Fuck you.

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    I agree that death/rape threats are never good for anyone (even for someone as unpleasant as the red-head). But the...
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    Woah, why do we have men’s rights activists? What rights are men lacking in?
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    Im sorry…but no. This is unbelievable. And the MRA is so criminal. These men are pigs. A woman can do what she wants...
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