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samanthatoren asked:

I was talking with a friend who is a Ron Paul supporter, and we got on the subject of government assistance. He was talking about how the programs don't work, they are a waste of money because people abuse them. I kept trying to explain the benefit, and why they don't always work, rationally, but he just kept going. I lost it and said (cont)

"Have you ever lived in shitty trailer that cost $162 a week and was falling apart, with almost no heat or a/c? Have you ever combined 2 paychecks to pay rent and discover you have about $20 left for 2 weeks? Have you ever woken up with roaches crawling all over you because it’s all you can afford, and that’s only because the company you work for owns it? Have you ever made $30 worth of cheap meat and canned veggies from a church program last a month? Do you know what it’s like to have about $100 saved up, to wake in the morning and find your partner blew it on drugs while you were sleeping? Do you know what it’s like to have nothing? To rely on government funded birth conrol because otherwise it’s $50 a month, and sex isn’t always about your personal consent so you better be protected against a pregnancy?”

He said no, shut up and changed the subject. Part of me hated that I had to be rude about it, and I’m not in a place like that anymore, but I remember it all too well. I also know that as bad as it was, some people have it worse and dealt with it for longer. Some people will just never get it- and I hope they never have to get it, because it’s a shitty place to be.

It’s really disingenuous to think that social assistance is evil because people abuse the system.

2% of people on social assistance turn out to be fraudulent cases. And they aren’t even these so-called welfare queens “but working women receiving welfare and working at other jobs without reporting the income”

Not to mention, as you’ve described, even if your sole income is social assistance, they don’t give you much to work with. These people who complain that “oh people abuse the system” etc, I don’t think they’ve ever been on it, nor understand what it’s really like to have to make $30 worth of food last a month. 

If they really want to talk about government assistance and the people who abuse it, they should turn their attention over to Wall Street. 

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