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"But not all white people are like that"

Dear White people;

Ok, I get it. There’s some asshole white people doing asshole things to POC and people are angry at them for being assholes and your natural first reaction may be to make sure you’re not lumped in with them. So you say, “But not all white people are like that.” That’s not helping anyone and it kinda reeks of “reverse racism syndrome”.

Don’t be angry or sad or upset at POC because they are saying, “I hate white people”. They are being oppressed at the hands of asshole white people. POC have every right to be fucking angry at those asshole douchebag racist white people since they are the reason for their oppression. You can’t blame a POC for being angry at them.

But you CAN blame the asshole racist douchefuck white people for being asshole racist douchefuck white people. Get angry AT THEM. Get angry at the people who are being assholes. Don’t get angry at the people who are the victims of racist assholery.

[tw for the following for mentions of rape culture etc]

Much like when I talk about the stereotype of (cis)men being rapists. I don’t want to believe that all men are rapists. I want to believe they can control themselves and are not slaves to their hormones. I know that not all men are rapists. I know that rape occurs among many different types of victims and also have many different types of perpetrators. But for teh menz complaining about the silly wimminz being afraid of men because they might be a rapist, why do you think that is? 

You don’t complain to the victim of oppression and say, “How dare you think that all people like me are asshole oppressors like you’ve experienced in your life”. No. That’s not how it works. You get fucking angry that there are (cis) men who are exacerbating the stereotype that all men rape. You get angry that there are white people exacerbating the stereotype that all white people are racist. You call shit out, you stop bullshit/assholery when you see it. And granted, for those of us who are people of privilege, we may not necessarily recognize racism right away and it may take some time. But the point is, you don’t bitch and complain and say oh woe is me these POC think all white people are mean, I should complain and set them straight. You get mad at the people who are exacerbating the stereotype. You get angry at the people who are treating other people like shit. You don’t get angry at the people being treated like shit.

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