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Anonymous asked:

An abortion saved me. It saved me from an abusive relationship. It saved me mentally and physically. You want MORE crisis pregnancy centers? I got called a slut, I got told lies and was degraded. They didn't care about me, they didn't care about helping. They just wanted the fetus in me to be born. She didn't even know my name, but she knew that something killing me was still more important.






I don’t know what you want me to say.

It appears you believe murder is an acceptable way to get out of a horrible situation. That the only way to get out of an abusive relationship when pregnant is to get your unborn child crushed and pulled out of you. Congratulations.

May you be happy for the rest of your life. - Gabbie

Wow, the civility in oh-snap-pro-lifers answer is near non-existent. They’re blatant disregard for the anon above’s well-being is astonishing.

The anon is trying to get you to emit empathy for their situation, which you are clearly incapable of, the only thing you are able to empathize with is a fetus, which isn’t saying much as fetuses are non-sentient beings whom have no thoughts or feelings (physical or emotional.)

Let this be a reminder that no matter how dire your situation may be, no matter how hard the choice was you had to make, no matter the reason, OSPL will make you feel like shit and provide no support, just judgement and hate.

To the anon: if you need anything we’re here for you. I know what you went through was really tough and you do not deserve the judgment and shaming OSPL has spewed at you. If you’d like someone to talk to Exhale is a really great post-abortion counseling hotline, no judgment just love. Stay strong, and just know you are not alone and you do not deserve to be judged or shamed. - Paige

If anon wanted support and comfort they wouldn’t have come gloating to a pro life blog.

All anon wanted to do was rub her abortion in my face to try and get some sort of angry emotional reaction from me.

If she wanted support she would have gone to you. I’m never going to support that. Abusive relationships are horrible, but abortion isn’t the only way out.

They, like many of us, are attacked by your movement on a daily basis for having an abortion, they were reaching out looking for an empathetic ear. They were not gloating, they were sharing their experience trying to help your community understand where they were coming from, they were trying to help you empathize with them, show you that their choice to have an abortion was our of need, and it helped save THEIR life, to which you replied like an asshat clearly unsatisfied with the fact that their life was saved.

In their case, they felt it was absolutely necessary to have an abortion as part of their plan to evade an abusive and possibly deadly relationship. Let’s take a look at the statistics shall we?

Provided by Your-Lies-Ruin-Lives:

  • "Pregnant and recently pregnant women are more likely to be victims of homicide than to die of any other cause , and evidence exists that a significant proportion of all female homicide victims are killed by their intimate partners." [X]
  • "Pregnancy can be an especially dangerous time for women in abusive relationships, and abuse can often begin or escalate during the pregnancy." [X]

They did what they felt was absolutely necessary to save their life, so who the fuck are you to tell them otherwise? Are you them? No, so you don’t get to say what they should/should not have done, you have NO right.

I thought Christians were supposed to not judge and condemn? You may want to go back and do some reading, you can’t just pick and choose what parts of the bible you want to practice and what parts you don’t. - Paige

This is the most breathtakingly self-centered, confused response I’ve ever seen from an anti-abortion blog. I hope this person never works directly with clients or patients. The asker was trying to show that the pro-life resources they sought did more harm than good, and all they got from this “pro-lifer” was more verbal abuse and a complete (deliberate?) misinterpretation of their words. “Gloating?” “Rub[bing] her abortion in my face?” Unbelievable.

If you haven’t seen it before, a post on reproductive coercion had an amazing response from Curious Georgiana about how Planned Parenthood helped her survive her abusive, coercive relationship by providing unconditional, nonjudgmental support and discreet birth control services.

In contrast, the documentary 12th & Delaware features a woman who was encouraged by a crisis pregnancy center to stay with her abusive partner and have the baby, suggesting it would “change him.” In another instance, a woman in an abusive relationship was told by CPC staff that it was her fault for “not letting him lead,” that she was “subjugating his masculinity,” and that “spare the rod and spoil the child is meant for the wife as well in some more difficult cases.”

TRUST PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING ABUSED TO KNOW WHAT THEY NEED. Even if this means staying with their abuser. Even if it means making choices you don’t agree with. Their self-worth, self-reliance, and autonomy is already under attack - our job as support systems is not to reinforce that by criticizing or dictating their decisions. Enduring abuse is about survival, and only victims have that intimate knowledge to decide what needs to happen for them to survive.

I can’t make sense of the fact that a guy can still approach a girl, fuck her without her consent and get away with it by saying that she was “wearing a pretty suggestive outfit”.
Well my friend, I’m sorry to break it to you but dresses and skirts don’t flirt, nor do they wink, nor do they speak, nor do they say “yes” or “no”. Neither do types of bodies. Or cleavages. Or legs. Or behinds. Or a little too much vodka.
What do you wish to have sex with? A dress, a drink, body parts? No. You should have sex with consent, respect and common sense.
m.t. - The meaning of “yes” or “no” (via alexashung)
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